Welcome to the Rock-On website! Do you think health stores are for the birds? Does the very phrase “health store” conjure up images of hippies and incense? Well, it shouldn’t, “ROCK-ON” customers come from all walks of life, from high stress executives to worn out road sweepers but they all have one common goal – to live longer, healthier lives!


At the beginning of the 20th Century the average life expectancy was 48 years, now as we approach the 21st Century, scientists believe that we can expect to see life spans of 120-130 years accompanied by good physical and mental health.


Our mission at “ROCK-ON” is to be the finest company in Bermuda dedicated to providing our customers with the most current information on how to live longer, healthier lives and prevent age related diseases such as cancer, stroke, arthritis, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. This can be accomplished with proper diet, exercise and the use of top quality, high potency nutritional supplements.


“ROCK-ON” is formally associated with The Life Extension Foundation in Florida, U.S.A.; a non-profit, tax-exempt company dedicated to research on extending the healthy human life span. We stock almost their entire supplement range, many of which are featured on their website.



I do love Rockon, staff are incredibly helpful. They will go out of their way to order me things if they don't already have it in stock - but usually they have everything I want and more. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and obviously love their work. Bermuda's best health store!

Donna T.



Rockon - There is no other shop like this in Bermuda. There is so much variety, care and thought gone in to every last item and you can tell as soon as you walk through the door. I hope you will love it as much as we do and feel part of a very special place. I don't need to go anywhere else.

Linda J.



Friendly and informed. Rockon not only has a wide range of stock of health supplements and proteins, environmental cleaning products, sustainable cosmetics, alternative magazines and the more esoteric things you don't expect to find in Bermuda, but more importantly a team who know what and why they are selling them.

Simon W.



I discovered Rockon about 6 years ago and what a find!! I have always tried to source organic products wherever possible for my family - which can be quite difficult in Bermuda and time consuming - but Rockon has pretty much everything under one roof. What they don't have they can order. I donʼt need to go anywhere else!

Tracy W.

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